About Me

I am an urbanist and writer who completed my Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University in 2020. My focuses were transportation and urban design.

During my time in grad school I wrote two book proposals: one for an ethnography about Portland’s West Hills elite, and a proposal for an illustrated disaster guide for young Portlanders preparing for the Cascadia Event. I have also co-created a history podcast about small town America and co-written a short film that was produced and screened at several indie festivals. In my spare time I freelance articles on travel, history, technology, planning, and the city life.

My writing has been featured in several local publications, including PDX Monthly, Willamette Week, the Portland Tribune, and BikePortland. I have also been published in MEL Magazine, Matador, The Bushwick Daily, and more.

Check out my interview with the Bushwick Daily to learn more about my interests: Bushwick Daily Contributor of the Month

Find out more about my work through my Linkedin profile or check out my resume.


“We were impressed that Henry had chosen to move to Israel and within such a short time had been able to analyse and rationalise Israeli society, which is uniquely dynamic, complex and notoriously difficult for an outsider to understand.

“Henry can communicate in an engaging way what is novel and interesting in what he discovered in Israel. Henry has been a particularly fast learner as a journalist, web master and editor, and he was very early on able to take full editorial control of the English news section, technically as well as editorially.”

– Doug Dalgliesh, Managing Editor at Alondon

“Henry is a strategic and tactical thinker, a strong writer and a dedicated worker. When assigned with reviewing and editing the entirety of our web content, he took the time to research not just our company but the content of our competitors as well, without prompting. Apart from his skill as an editor, he is also remarkably easy to work with and approaches every meeting with a signature smile and personal touch.”

– Robert Caines, Founder/Managing Partner at Paley Advisors, LLC and Senior Vice President/Partner at Paley Dixon, Inc.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I just read your opinion piece, “Protesting an authoritarian police state is terrifying”, on OregonLive. One of the best things I’ve read. Gives me a different perspective on all this. (i’m in Bastrop, TX and it came up in my Google news feed under Local Coverage from Oregon – i hope it gets a lot of traction!).


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