About Me

Check out my resume: H. Miller’s Resume

I am a photographer and journalist with a BA from Eugene Lang College at The New School. I have covered everything from protest marches to urban planning, from Middle East politics to drag shows and more. After a year and a half of writing about the art scene in Brooklyn, I moved to Tel Aviv to expand my portfolio into international affairs and politics with a special interest in urban development. I am currently back home in Portland writing travel pieces and completing my master’s degree in Urban Planning at Portland State University, where my focus is in transportation.

Check out my interview with the Bushwick Daily to learn more about my interests: Bushwick Daily Contributor of the Month

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I spent high school in Southern California, my first year of college in Rome and five years living in New York City. I was lucky enough to join the New School Free Press as the Multimedia Editor for three award-winning seasons, which sparked my career as a journalist. After getting my BA in Literary Studies in 2013, I covered the avant-garde art scene in Brooklyn before leaving for Tel Aviv in 2016. While in Tel Aviv I studied Hebrew, the history of Israel and Palestine, and urban innovations in areas such as e-bike planning and water management.

Since my return to Portland near the end of 2016, I have co-produced and co-hosted a podcast about small town America, written a proposal for an ethnography of Portland’s West Hill’s community, and helmed a project to create an illustrated disaster preparedness guide for Portland’s younger readers.

Find out more about my work through my Linkedin profile or check out my resume: H. Miller’s Resume


“We were impressed that Henry had chosen to move to Israel and within such a short time had been able to analyse and rationalise Israeli society, which is uniquely dynamic, complex and notoriously difficult for an outsider to understand.

“Henry can communicate in an engaging way what is novel and interesting in what he discovered in Israel. Henry has been a particularly fast learner as a journalist, web master and editor, and he was very early on able to take full editorial control of the English news section, technically as well as editorially.”

– Doug Dalgliesh, Managing Editor at Alondon

“Henry is a strategic and tactical thinker, a strong writer and a dedicated worker. When assigned with reviewing and editing the entirety of our web content, he took the time to research not just our company but the content of our competitors as well, without prompting. Apart from his skill as an editor, he is also remarkably easy to work with and approaches every meeting with a signature smile and personal touch.”

– Robert Caines, Founder/Managing Partner at Paley Advisors, LLC and Senior Vice President/Partner at Paley Dixon, Inc.

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