About Henry

I am an urbanist, advocate, and writer with a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University, where my focus was on transportation and urban design. I am currently winning grants, connecting with communities, and innovating game-changing programs at the Portland metro’s largest street user advocate (The Street Trust).

In my spare time I freelance articles on travel, history, technology, planning, and the city life. My writing has been featured in The Oregonian, Street Roots, The Corvallis Advocate, PDX Monthly, Willamette Week, Portland Tribune, BikePortland, and more. I have also co-produced a history podcast called Small Town America, co-written a screenplay for a documentary about Portland’s unique strip club scene (title TBD), and co-written a short film that was produced and screened at several indie festivals (Desire’s Masquerade).

Portland State University’s Ooligan Press will publish my first book, a graphic novel designed to encourage young people to prepare for natural disasters, in 2024.

Find out more about my work through my Linkedin profile or read some of my writing below. 

The Oregonian (2020-)

Street Roots (selected) (2020-)

Corvallis Advocate (selected) (2020): Update: Corvallis Still Leaving Minority-Owned Businesses Behind

MEL Magazine (2020)

Portland Tribune (2020): My View: Cars a Bigger Hazard than Scooters, Bikes

StreetSmart (selected) (2019): Best Practices for Complete Streets

Bike Portland (selected) (2019): Opinion: Riding a bike in Paris and the future of car-free lanes in Portland

Willamette Week (2019): Portland Accepting Bids to Demolish Downtown’s O’Bryant Square, Downtown’s Notorious “Paranoid Park”

Portland Monthly Magazine (2019): Will We Have to Pay to Drive on I-5?

BIKETOWN (2019): Proposal for New BIKETOWN Stations and Hubs

Portland State University (selected student papers) (2017-2020)

Small Town America Podcast (2017-18)

  • Moab, Utah: Ancient Crossroads of the West
  • Eureka, California: West Coast’s Hidden Bay
  • Wallace, Idaho: Silver Capital of the World
  • Jackson, Wyoming: Home Below the Tetons
  • Compton, California: Hub City of History
  • San Juan Islands, Washington: Salmon, a Pig, and a Whale of a Coincidence
  • Taos, New Mexico: Ancient Apartments, Earthships, and Easy Rider Fame
  • Ashland, Oregon: Shakespeare, Lithium, and Nabokov
  • Telluride, Colorado: From Minerals to Moguls
  • St. Augustine, Florida: America’s Oldest European City
  • Butte, Montana: Fierce Women and Copper Kings
  • Burns, Oregon: Occupation on the Ranch Land
  • Astoria, Oregon: New York invests in the West
  • The Dalles, Oregon: When Cults Attack Cherry Town
  • Coos Bay, Oregon: Indigenous Metropolis

The Matador Network (selected) (2015-18)

Alondon (selected) (2016-2017)

The Bushwick Notebook (2015): Pumps- Where Old And New Brooklyn Meet And People Get Drunk, Naked And Happy

TheBlot Magazine (2015): Undressing New York’s Neo-Burlesque Scene

The Bushwick Daily (selected) (2014)

The New School Free Press (selected) (2012-2013)

Sarah Lawrence College (selected student papers) (2009-2011)


One response to “About Henry”

  1. cathleen Avatar

    I just read your opinion piece, “Protesting an authoritarian police state is terrifying”, on OregonLive. One of the best things I’ve read. Gives me a different perspective on all this. (i’m in Bastrop, TX and it came up in my Google news feed under Local Coverage from Oregon – i hope it gets a lot of traction!).


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