Bushwick Daily Contributor of the Month

“I’ve Had Pinkeye like 6 Times This Year,” Shares NSFW Writer, Henry Miller with the Bushwick Daily

Written and Posted By : Katarina Hybenova Posted Date :6.22.15 In Bushwick, Featured.

Photo: Sarah Sitzler

Every contributor agrees that perhaps the best thing about the involvement with Bushwick Daily is the community. The serendipity brought together a number of amazing creative people whom we love and cherish beyond all. That’s why we feature one particularly awesome individual every month.

This month we sat down with writer Henry Miller who first approached us to write news but ended up crystallizing his own interest in all things raunchy, shocking and NSFW. Henry has been covering events such as Smallest Penis Pageant, Bushwig, which he even attended in drag and of course, the hyped up NYC Porn Festival. In the first issue ofBushwick Notebook, Henry had a great story about lines between sex work and art getting blurry at Pumps.

1. What is your hometown?

Portland, Oregon, aka Portlandia, aka the one with that donut spot next to a strip club, aka “the good one.” But my iPhone claims I’m from Beaverton, OR, aka the one with the rising drug problems and prostitution.

2. What brought you to Bushwick and when?

I initially moved to Williamsburg off the Montrose stop in 2012, then there was a girl living off the Myrtle Wyckoff stop that I wanted to move closer to, but I also didn’t want to move too far from my favorite bar (Post No Bills). So I split the difference and ended up off the Morgan stop in 2013. I guess the difference favors pickle-backs.

3. What’s your day job?

I’m a server/bartender at King Noodle on Flushing, which is the best day job I have ever had on account of getting to know all the other bartenders and writers and artists in Bushwick. Plus, I get to give away a lot of shots.

4. Why did you join Bushwick Daily?

I joined because I had a friend who had a friend who set me up with an interview and I needed to find a writing outlet. I stayed because I could essentially cover what I pleased in the way I wanted to cover it. Also, it’s an excellent crew to feel a part of, even in a small way. I have felt quite amazed and proud to have my articles next to photos by Gus or genius illustrations by Jeremy. I think those guys have a solid future in their craft and it makes me work harder to keep up with them.

5. Is there a particular favorite moment of yours related to your work for Bushwick Daily?
Thanks to the beat I chose, there have been lots of gem moments. I saw a guy in the crowd get smacked in the face with a bloody dildo once at Bizarre. I watched a terrible Tila Tequila porno in a room with fifty other people. I got splashed in the face with penis infused water at last year’s Smallest Penis Pageant. I think my favorite was seeing Tami Tanaki kill it at Bushwig. I was dressed in drag for the first time and her music made me feel like it was the most important thing I have ever done. Not going to be the star athlete/architect you always wanted me to be, am I, dad.

6. You like to write about all things outrageous, raunchy and sexy. When did you realized your inclination?
I think I started doing this raunchier stuff because I thought it would be an easy way to get a lot of hits and I could mine for some pretty hilarious kickers. My first was the Smallest Penis Pageant last year. After that riveting experience, I realized that those are the shows that make Bushwick singular in this city. Other places have galleries and music and good food, but the porn festival, vagina dentata pageant, small penis pageant, Bushwig, a burlesque variety show at Pumps– all of that happened a few blocks from my apartment.
I am grateful I get to go write about these things because I think that they will be remembered as a core part of what made this neighborhood’s art scene so irreverent and ballsy.

7. Tell us something nobody else knows about yourself.

I loved getting dickwater on my face; I just wish it had not gotten on my camera. The thing still stinks every time I use it, and I’ve had pinkeye like six times this year. Thanks, Obama.


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    1. Thank you for the compliment!

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